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Talking about wood laser cutting machine Which is better?

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Talking about wood laser cutting machine Which is better?

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers on the market a wide range of wood cutting machine which is good?

Laser cutting machine awareness:

Laser cutting machine is to use invisible light beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, with high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout to save material, cutting smooth, low processing costs, is gradually improved or replaced In the traditional mechanical cutting mechanical and electrical equipment.

Laser cutting machine principle:

Laser cutting machine is the laser emitted from the laser mirror, through the optical system of the tour, focusing into a high power density of the laser beam. The laser beam is focused on the surface of the workpiece, so that the workpiece reaches a little melting point or a little boiling point, while the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam will blow away or melt the residual material of the workpiece.

How to choose laser cutting machine:

(1) the choice of laser cutting machine mainly depends on the factory production is mainly required to cut what material to play a decisive, laser cutting machine is also targeted classification.

(2) laser cutting machine is mainly divided into metal laser cutting machine and non-metallic laser cutting machine. Metal laser cutting machine is divided into CO2 type and fiber type. The non-metallic laser cutting machine is divided into apparel fabric laser cutting machine, leather fabric laser cutting machine, digital printing laser cutting machine, plush toy laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine. One of the main production in the non-metallic laser cutting machine as the main demand market.

(3) You need to tell the business what material you need to cut, how thick the material is, how wide the material is, and what the requirements are for the precision process.

(4) Need to shop for goods than the three high cost-effective customized custom contract

(5) Understand the after-sales of suppliers for future needs.

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