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How to improve the efficiency of laser cutting machine

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How to improve the efficiency of laser cutting machine

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Laser cutting machine is mainly using laser beam to the surface and release energy to see the plate melting and evaporation, because the energy is highly concentrated will be able to carry out rapid local melting and heating, the plate evaporation, due to the energy is very concentrated, only a small amount of steel to achieve other Parts, basically does not cause any deformation, the use of laser can produce complex shapes of the workpiece, the cutting of the workpiece does not require further processing can be used directly.


    Laser cutting machine has three major advantages: good cutting quality, processing speed, clean, safe, pollution-free, in the production of laser cutting machine power is certain, so in order to be able to improve efficiency, you need to control.

The following blue 濂 technology to tell you how to improve the efficiency of price cutting machine

1. The new machine learning and manipulation

During the operation, operators need to enhance their proficiency in machine performance and proficiency in their daily work through daily production. Work to replace the practice of work, spare time to strengthen the learning of all aspects of the machine knowledge, to meet the machine to see a small problem can be solved, there are major problems can know where the problem appears and help solve the problem.


2. CNC cutting program to make changes

For CNC laser cutting machine, it will make modifications to its program, the use of straight-line method of opening, will be set to open on the arc, cut down the circular arc cross section is very smooth, to ensure the quality of parts.


3. Discharge program to make optimization

After consulting with the workshop fish craft department, the method of cutting a common beam with two beams will not affect the cutting effect, so the efficiency can be improved artificially.

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