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Blue 濂 technology to tell you what laser cutting machine can cut it?

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Blue 濂 technology to tell you what laser cutting machine can cut it?

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Blue 濂 technology to tell you what laser cutting machine can cut it?

Now we all know the laser cutting machine, many people think that the fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the cutting machine category, and the use of imported laser cutting range should be very wide, the effect should be much better than other methods, it is not true, laser cutting machine also has The type of special points, each cutting machine has his strengths and weaknesses, the following detailed analysis.

       First of all, fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the field of metal laser cutting machine processing, it can only cut metal, can not cut the fabric, leather, stone and other non-metallic, the reason is very simple, fiber laser cutting machine wavelength range is not in the absorption range of the above materials , Or absorption is not appropriate to achieve the desired cutting results, for now, the advantages of non-metallic cutting is not obvious;

Second, the fiber laser cutting machine is not recommended for long-term cutting aluminum, copper and other rare metals, because these materials are highly reflective material (Note: high reflective plate with a smooth cutting surface less the degree, mainly due to the laser wavelength is not in these The ideal absorption range of the material, the absorption effect is not good, most of the energy is reflected back, easy to damage the protective lens in front of the laser head), long-term use is not good, but also increase the consumption of supplies;

Finally, the fiber laser cutting machine, according to the different size of the power, cutting the thick bottom also will change, the greater the power, the greater the cutting thickness, the thinner the metal material, the faster the cutting speed, fiber laser cutting machine for sheet cutting advantage is obvious.

        Shenzhen Lanxun Technology Co., Ltd. is a modernized manufacturing enterprise integrated with researching, designing, producing and selling. Through development, relying on leading technology, high-quality products and scientific management idea, it can get on the market of laser machine equipment Impact of the word of mouth.

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Our products have been approved by the majority of customers with powerful functions, low price, good stability and high quality after-sales service, fully experienced the market test, not only loved in the country, but also exported to Southeast Asia , The Middle East, Africa, Europe and other overseas regions.

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