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Blue Crocodile carbon laser cutting machine What are the uses

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Blue Crocodile carbon laser cutting machine What are the uses

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In accordance with the laser to the words are: CO2 laser cutting machine, semiconductor laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, UV laser cutting machine and so on. The laser and the material also have a close relationship between the cutting, CO2 laser cutting machine generally should be non-metallic materials processing (high-power CO2 cutting machine), semiconductor laser cutting machine should be available in all the metal and some plastic materials, and fiber laser Cutting machines and UV laser cutting machines should be more used in high-end processing market. Because it has the following advantages: thin narrow width (as usual, 0.1--0.5mm), high precision (the same as the ordinary hole deviation 0.1--0.4mm, outside the size deviation of 0.1--0.5mm), thin Roughness is good outside the language (as usual, Ra is 12.5--25μm), cutting the same as usual do not need to re-processing.

If according to the material being processed separately, laser cutting machine can be divided into: metal laser cutting machine and non-metallic laser cutting machine. In addition to these cuts, but also for handicrafts, bamboo products, advertising decoration, building model practical information: bamboo, crystal, plexiglass, marble, ceramic tiles, jade and so on.

Laser cutting has the relative advantage, will gradually replace the current market, the existing mechanical cutting equipment. Graphics restore really, beautiful, with a high viewing price, but also to increase the added value of the product.

The laser cutting machine, is the application of such cutting methods and constitute an industrial and medical cutting equipment. Laser cutting machine is the most common of these friends.

Laser cutting machine everyone is familiar, this needless to say. What are the important implications of these cuts? Used to cut what information? Di laser cutting machine factory for you to teach you what the important uses of carbon dioxide laser cutting machine?

Today, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine has the size of power points, large for metal sheet metal, low-power pin cloth 疋, acrylic and other non-metallic. In all types of bamboo, plexiglass, decorative plates, plastic, cloth, leather, paper and other non-metallic materials, metal coating materials engraved with various types of ink, graphics. To prevent the user information squandered, super-beam, no war cutting, to prevent scratches, squeezing the workpiece, lean creamy, cutting power, cutting speed, greatly improving the effectiveness of things.

. The processing of information in general, the cutting edge of the creamy, burr-free, no polishing, dust-free, no music, high precision, high speed, high efficiency. At present rare on the market yag laser cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser mixing machine.

First, we have to understand what is laser cutting, laser cutting is the application of focused laser beam as an important source of heat cutting method.

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